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Automation Control Panels

At Eka Automation, we offer complete panel solutions for Automation and Control Systems, including designing, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning assistance.

Our Automation panel Product Range Includes:

Automation control Panel Features include:

We provide FAT facilities at our premises using state-of-the-art testing equipment so that the complete automation project can be tested and simulated at one place before dispatch. This is recommended to reduce issues at the site during commissioning.


The Basic Features Of Automation Control Panels

In the fast-paced landscape of modern industries, automation has become the cornerstone of efficiency and productivity. As machines and equipment continue to embrace automation across various industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sectors, the need for effective monitoring and control has never been greater. This is where automation control panels take center stage, emerging as one of the most vital components for any industrial facility.
What Makes Automation Control Panels Essential?
Automation control panels serve as the nerve center of industrial and commercial applications, facilitating the seamless monitoring and control of heavy-duty and large-scale machinery. Leveraging a combination of relays, timers, sensors, starters, and controllers, these panels have the unique capability to handle both simple and complex processes with ease.
The key advantage of automation control panels lies in their ability to grant unparalleled control over the equipment within a facility. With these cutting-edge panels in place, operators can enjoy a hands-free approach, allowing for increased efficiency, enhanced functionality, and unparalleled flexibility in their operations.
The Salient Features and Purpose of Automation Control Panels
Precision Monitoring and Control: Automation control panels ensure precise monitoring and regulation of critical industrial equipment, empowering operators with real-time data and insights to optimize performance.
Flexibility and Customizability: These panels offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing for easy modification of logic and settings to adapt to evolving operational requirements. This inherent adaptability translates into increased adaptiveness and improved performance.
Compact and Space-Saving Design: Designed with space efficiency in mind, automation control panels boast a compact frame that maximizes floor space and reduces clutter in industrial settings.
Streamlined Operations: By centralizing control and monitoring functions, automation control panels streamline operations, simplifying complex processes and reducing manual intervention.
Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: With automation control panels at the helm, industrial facilities experience heightened efficiency, enabling swift and seamless task execution, resulting in boosted productivity levels.
Unmatched Speed: Automated equipment under the governance of these panels operates at impressive speeds, leading to faster production cycles and shorter lead times.
The panel enclosure customised and available with ratings that specify properties such as
indoor/outdoor use
water resistance
explosion-proof rating
hazardous conditions rating
dust/contaminants proofing
The components inside the customised automation panel includes:
Main circuit breaker
Surge arrestors
Terminal blocks
Programmable Logic Controller
Relays and contactors
Network switches
HMI (Human Machine Interface)

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