Pick and Place application

Pick and place is a type of equipment designed to move and place delicate items between short distances. Safety and accuracy are the two main focuses of this device. There many areas where this device is used. Some are in industries like glass making industry, bottle making industry, paint manufacturing industries, etc. Their main works include loading, unloading, moving and placing. The device is used in areas like manufacturing, warehousing and experimenting.

  • Glasses: glass is a delicate item which needs careful attention at all times. Handling glass while manufacturing, moving and transporting it is very risky. The risk increases when human hands are used instead of machinery. The operations involved will be much efficient, safe and easy if the process is automated. This is one industry which can’t avoid automation services.

  • Bottles: bottle making and moving people also use automation services. they use these services to increase output & efficiency, and to reduce labor force & risk of damaging. The devices are used to move bottles in and around the production facility during and after its production process.

  • Paint Boxes: paint boxes are heavy packages. Thus it is really difficult for the labors to carry it around. Automating such an operation helps to pick and place heavy items with ease. It also helps the enterprise to carry our higher level and amount of work within lesser amount of time.

  • Loading and unloading: loading and unloading are important operations involved in every logistics and warehousing unit. Things are to moved and place all the time. If human efforts are used to do such operations, the result will produce an inefficient system. But if the operations are automated, the system becomes efficient. There will higher levels of output, easiness and cost control.

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