Mimic Desk Panels

Mimic & Annunciator panels are being used in the industry for many years to display process status and alarms. In Mimic Panels, the process is pictorially represented on the front side of a Control desk / Panel.

Generally, mimic displays are printed on polyester or polycarbonate sheets and provided with an acrylic front sheet for protection. LEDs and other Indicators can be fitted on the display for Process Indication.

At Eka Automation, we supply conventional and mosaic mimics and annunciator panels with MS powder coating, stainless steel enclosures furnished with the internal wiring of Mimic LEDs and Annunciator Windows. We have an in-house team of designers to design the Mimic Display as per our client’s process layout.

Our Range:

Our Features include:

We provide FAT facilities at our premises using state-of-the-art testing equipment so that the complete automation project can be tested and simulated at one place before dispatch. This is recommended to reduce issues at the site during commissioning.

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