Cement, Paper and Pulp

Cement is substance used for binding rocks, bricks, etc. Cement industry manufactures and markets cement which is used for construction purposes.

Paper is a material made from moist fibres which is used for writing, drawing, printing, etc. The paper industry makes papers from derivatives of cellulose pulp such as wood, rags, grasses, etc. These companies make, move and market paper.

Pulp is a raw material for making paper. It is a kind of fibrous material made from wood, grass, etc. through mechanical or chemical processes.

Like other industries automating the functions will enable the Manufacturers to minimise cost and effort, but maximise profit and output.

  • Roll mill automation: roll mill is a type of production and mixing facility. It is used industries like cement, paper, etc. The operations needed to be automated for attaining better efficiency.
  • Packing automation: packing unit is a common unit in most facilities. Its adds finishing touch and durability to the products. Thus the process is carried out with great attention and care. Automation helps to attain better result and perfection.
  • Production and quality automation: quality control in production is an important subject. In an age of competition, it is very difficult to sell products and services. Only high quality products will survive in the market. For that the manufacturing process has to be made quality oriented. Our company can help in doing so by automating services.
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