Legacy Systems and Upgradation

Automation Components along with its software and other systems are a backbone to any manufacturing company and having said that we also know that it represents a major capital investment. “Technology is a boon” someone had correctly said that, but no matter how seamless or innovative the technology can be, it will not last forever. We at Eka Automation not only acknowledge that but we also have a clear understanding that our clients rely on us as a dynamic and progressive system integrator. Assisting our clients with their project planning, initial preparation, migration and taking them to the peak of their success is what Eka Automation does. The future depends on what you do today and we at Eka Automation pledge to work with our clients to future proof their legacy systems so that they can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

From our team’s learning as well as from our experience working in this industry, we understand that today’s market demands are not static. It demands remarkable challenges as we all continuously strive for ways to grab the best utilization of our existing automation investments. The major challenges that we typically face include:

The increasing data that we receive from the networked devices, ask for upgradation primarily to simplify and reduce the risk to the business due to component obsolescence. We analyze all the possible ways, for example, giving MES and MIS systems or designing an integrated safety solution that enables the business to follow current procedures, which in turn gives a more secure and increasingly profitable work environment.

Eka Automation can help you decide the most suitable control system migration path which can help you to maximize the advantages of the migration, which includes:

We all know that migration is a ceaseless process that has been in practice for many years now. We have helped our customers to build up a migration path that best suits their requested business prerequisites. We have the capacity to offer a cost-effective and a manageable solution with annual reviews as a part of our service / support agreements. Fusing persistent improvement philosophies, helping with budget planning and executing the migration plan with minimum downtime are some the things we can help our clients with.

Our methodology is to:

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