Identification Systems

Identification systems are devices and methods used to identify, track or differentiate certain items from others, generally similar in nature. The method or device may be of electronic, a specific mark, vision system, barcode, RFID, etc. It also helps in reducing fraud, theft and helps in tracking.

  • Vision System and Solutions: vision system is a type of identification system. It is also called as Machine Vision or MV. The purpose of installing such devices in an industrial surrounding is to automate inspection and to guide industrial robots. Other automation services include quality control, material handling, sorting, etc.
  • Bar-code system and solutions: bar-coding is a general method among identification systems. It uses a network of software programs and hardware to identify certain codes, which are in the form of bars or line. Automating such methods helps to achieve higher level of efficiency.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions: RFID is a wireless tracker which uses radio frequency electromagnetic fields for tracking. It has the capability to read signal from up to many meters from the tracker. Their main applications are in automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc to pass information between assembly lines.
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