• Engine and seat assembly: this is an assembly line process where automobile parts, such as the engine and the seats, are put together and added in a particular sequence for building them to a desired design. Here, the inner parts, the engine and the seats are assembled. The entire process is carried out with the help of machinery. Automating the operations in the assembly line process helps to finish the work much faster. The level of output can be increased and only minimum labour force is required.
  • Body assembly and Glass fixing: like engine and the seat assembly, the body assembly and glass fixing is also an assembly line process. Automated machines work in particular sequence to build the exterior body and to fix the glass of the vehicle. This makes the process much efficient while comparing with annual assembly. There is easiness of work, and it saves time and resources.
  • Transmission/Gear line automation: a transmission/gear is one of the important components in a vehicle. Adding it on to a vehicle is a general but important operation. Automating this function will enable manufacturers to get things done easily and efficiently.
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