Chemical Plant

A chemical plant is a facility that manufactures chemicals. It is an industrial plant where chemicals are produced on a large scale basis through process such as transformation, separation, etc. These facilities have custom made apparatus and equipments that helps in the manufacturing process. Thus it is an automated facility.

These chemicals are mainly used, partially or fully, as drugs, polymers, for refineries, etc. There are various industries that use such plants. Some are pharmaceuticals, reactors, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical (Liquid and Powder): it is a type of chemical plant, where the manufacturers produce drugs for medication purposes. The medicine or the drug is either developed or produced, which is then marketed. The making process of every medicine is complex and requires safety and quality control. By automating the operations the manufacturer can make sure that all the requirements are met.
  • Reactor Control automation: the need to automate a chemical reactor is very valid these days. This arises due to large demand for output, limited time & labor force. The operations of a chemical reactor include various delicate processes. It is a game involving pressure, heat and mass and thus very dangerous. Automating the operation will help to bring higher safety, profitability and efficiency.
  • Ash handling automation: ash formation is by product of many reactions. Thus in a chemical plant, the large scale production will result in the formation of large amount of ash. This could be harmful for the environment. Thus ash handling is an important subject. Our company provides automation facilities for ash handling. It helps to automate operations like collection, moving, storing and proper treatment and disposal of ash.
  • CIP/SIP and Centrifuge: automating CIP/SIP and Centrifuge is equally important like others. It can help to save time and reduce the difficulty of the process. Also it is difficult attain perfection for such process with human hand. Automation helps in quality control and attaining better efficiency.
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