Food and Beverage
  • Chocolate and Biscuit process automation: taste and quality are the important ingredients for both chocolate and biscuit. Both needs to be manufactured in large volume. In other high quality products have to be manufactured in large volume and thus automation is the only method that can be implemented. Automation services helps in getting better results with little error.
  • Dairy plant automation: today automation services are available for most industries. Dairy plants also automate their operations to produce larger volume with lesser labour force. It also increases the hygiene level of the facility with maximum quality control over the products.
  • Sea food process automation: the process is related with fish and fish products. The process starts from catching to delivery. There are many operations involved. For better operation and easiness people automate these functions. Maas industrial automation caters our services these type of industries too.
  • Vegetable and Fruits process: today both vegetables and fruits are grown and harvested. We use latest technology to get better volume and quality of output. There are many operation related to growing, harvesting, storing and transporting of vegetables and fruits. These will be much better if we use automation services to do such works. The system will work much smoothly and efficiently.
  • Shop floor data logging systems: they are electronic devices helpful for database management system. In shop they help to reuse effort and time. Customers get better experience by using such facilities. Automating shop functions helps in bringing efficiency.
  • CIP/SIP and Centrifuge: CIP or cleaning in place is the technique used to eliminate risk of cross-contamination and SIP or Sterilization is the method to eliminate microorganisms. Centrifuge is a device for separation at minute level. All these cannot be done by human hands. But by automating such operations it becomes much easier and efficient.
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