Herbal & Phytochemical Extraction Plant

We offer projects and solutions for “Herbal & Phytochemical” extraction plant automation to our clients. It is the process to remove various groups of phytochemicals from different herbs. The extraction method is of two types, namely Solid-liquid extraction (SLE) and Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). In the process of SLE, the phytochemicals are separated from the leaf, seed, bark, root, steam and from the entire plant. The extraction is implemented using solvents and solvent systems. The solvents used can be water (aqueous extraction), ethanol, methanol, acetone, petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, hexane, di ethyl ether, etc. and the solvent extraction process involves extraction, concentration and drying, both in SLE and LLE.

We offer:

  • Both solid-liquid extraction plant and liquid-liquid extraction plant automation.
  • Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous plants.
  • Manual, semi automatic and fully automatic (PLC-SCADA and DCS) plants.
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