The term Marine is related with ocean or sea. Industrial automation is very helpful for sea vessels (ships). Allocating all the works to the crew is not practical. It is better to automate many operations so that the system works smoothly and efficiently. Thus only some work has to be carried out by humans. The central control system helps to coordinate and control all function in and around the vessel making it easy for the captain to gain full control of the ship and the situation. It also helps to reduce the cost and effort that needs to be employed.

  • Vessel crusher automation: vessel crusher helps to reduce the size of large rocks into smaller and less dangerous ones. Automating such an operation is very crucial and it needs to be made as a non-voluntary action to the vessel.
  • Vessel Management system (VMS): it is a monitoring and controlling system which helps to mange activities in and around the vessel. VMS helps to identify, plan, organize, coordinate and control resources and the vessel as a whole. Thus automating VMS is very important.
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