A metal is an alloy, an element or a compound that conducts heat and electricity. Metals have features like ductility, shining outer layer and malleability. They are used for a large variety of purposes. Some are used: for construction, as conductors, as mirrors, as jewellery, etc

Most of the time, metals are found in their impure form. They have to be changed or refined for human use. This requires different processes and techniques. Maas industrial automation helps such industries who refine metals by automating their equipments and operations.

  • Extraction (Aluminium): extraction is the process for separating a particular metal from it ore or impure state. Different metals have different extraction process. Hall-Heroult process is the most commonly used method for extraction of Aluminium. Our company automates these and other operations involves in extraction so that the process is carried out effectively and efficiently.
  • Blast furnace (Steel): Blast furnace is furnace used in the process of producing industrial iron. It is a metallurgical furnace which uses chemical reaction by heating the impure iron (iron ore) to produce pure forms of iron. There are various operation involved for which automation is needed to monitor and control the process. This helps to get the best results.
  • Hot plate rolling mill (Steel): this is another method for producing steel from iron ore. Like all other extraction and conversion processes, this too requires careful monitoring and controlling measures. Our service of automation will be a great help here too.
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