Easily automate simple equipment from small pumping stations to small, single-function machines.

Eka AutomationHas Just What You Need

If you’re in need of a Basic Automation panel that can easily and conveniently run simple equipment in a more hands-off manner, Eka Automation has top-of-the-line products that are ready to be put to use. No matter what you may need, our team of knowledgeable experts can help you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Resourceful Tools

Maybe you own a sewer treatment plant with a large liquid holding tank away from the main building. The liquid tank has two pumps – one to pump liquid in, and one to pump liquid out. What happens if the outlet pump empties the tank and runs dry? An expensive pump replacement and downtime. But what if it had an industrial computer (PLC) to evaluate those types of situations? With our Basic Automation panels, you’ll be able to wire in a level switch into the PLC, allowing you to program code that will detect if the level in the holding tank is low and prevent the pump from running dry/burning up. It would also be able to begin running immediately again if conditions return to normal. Downtime avoided. Process runs when needed… Contact us today for more information!

More Functionality

Basic Automation panels have the capabilities to make decisions, not just start and stop motors, which makes them more useful than standard on/off motor starter panels. In addition, Basic Automation panels are available for 120VAC and 24VDC voltages, which is great for old and new electrical systems alike. If you’re still using 120VAC to power your electrical panels, Basic Automation from Eka Automation will make upgrading equipment much easier for older machines.

If you’re looking for a panel that can adjust settings to the system, see alarms and faults, or allow for manually running the motors (all from a Graphic Touch Display), then you should consider either a Standard Automation or an Advanced Automation panel.

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