Digital Unity


Smart sensors, automatic functions and cyber-physical systems digitize your plant. Connectivity of plant equipment and data-based assistance of the workforce’s day-to-day agendas are essential factors shaping the future of metals production. Digital Unity is a digitalization-driven concept that integrates data from three key processes: production, quality, and maintenance. It consists of three digital software services: Production Management System (PMS), Through-Process Optimization (TPO), and Maintenance Asset Technology (MAT).


The Production Management System (PMS) enables metals producers to attain horizontal and vertical integration of their complete business processes. It contains a complete set of modules covering various planning processes, such as:

  • Demand and sales
  • Flow and order
  • Order and line scheduling
  • Material planning

Production order lifecycle management, including order generation, order combination, and fulfillment tracking, goes hand in hand with schedule execution management to monitor and control all production activities. Embedded product disposition, deviation management, and through-process quality control determine the detailed quality status and allow you to manage any product defect. Logistics finally completes the system to optimize all material transport and inventory.

Dynamically plans and tracks your production to optimize all facilities during every step of the production process. Customer orders can be transformed into individual process instructions along the entire production route, applying extensive metals-specific application knowledge. The PMS optimizes productivity, ensures maximum flexibility to your customers’ requests, and safeguards product quality.

Our production-management solution is based on PSImetals, a comprehensive software suite that provides modules explicitly tailored to the metals industry. It is a system that has already proven its merits in numerous steel-production plants worldwide. PMS is a highly configurable solution that supports customers operating their production plant as an industry 4.0 “smart factory.


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