Increasing pressure to optimize flexibility, productivity, and the quality of the steel manufactured means that digitalized, predictable, and optimized intralogistics processes are essential. Primetals Technologies offers solutions based on the digitalization of all key intralogistics processes, which allows for improved raw material quality, minimized production buffers, increased output, greater profitability, a more efficient flow of materials and goods, and predictable and transparent intralogistics processes.


A scheduler optimizes the production sequence in an aggregate while considering the properties and limitations of material and equipment. Such a specific solution uses a mathematical solver for determining optimal production sequences. A scheduler closely collaborates with the steel factory’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Therefore, optimizing the throughput and achieving the best possible quality of the end product is essential. The solution works according to rules tailored to the process and has the information required to achieve top steel quality (process know-how). For example, steel grades are allowed to follow one another.

  • Online heat scheduler: Allows the optimum route through the melt shop to be planned based on desired casting sequences and the re-assigning of heat orders in the event of downgrades.
  • Caster scheduler: Generates optimized casting schedules across the multiple casters and multiple strands and adjusts the cutting plan based on detected quality issues.
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