Metals Intelligence


The performance of a highly automated steel plant can significantly be improved by leveraging the power of existing data. Production data should be stored in a structured way in a Data Warehouse. Business Intelligence tools provide answers to production-related questions. Data-driven methods can generate insights into how to improve a steel plant’s performance. Ideally, these insights are automatically converted into standardized actions. Digital assistants provide recommended actions and supervise operators.


It offers various digital assistants providing precise guidance and qualified support for operators, maintenance engineers, and metallurgists for individual production steps and all production units involved, e.g., to:

  • Support the furnace operator to achieve best practice operation
  • Detect quality deviation during running production and advise the operator on how to react
  • Support in checking all implemented constraints and production rules
  • Digitalize operational knowledge in a structured way
  • Standardize production processes with rules
  • Digitalize process know-how and provide it when needed
  • Evaluate implemented rules by consideration of process models
  • Give a voice to urgent tasks in a steel plant

Asset life expert (ALEX)

It has developed an intelligent digital assistant called asset life expert (ALEX), which ensures the highest availability of your steel plant. ALEX acts as an innovative, centralized expert system for intelligent condition monitoring, including standard vibration monitoring. ALEX enables operators and maintenance engineers to efficiently analyze data and alerts from a range of sensors at a steel plant, evaluate the generated insights, and identify the appropriate courses of action to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the plant. ALEX guides and assists operators and maintenance engineers through daily tasks, offering clear status information and recommending intelligent actions.


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