For Large Production Facilities requiring Modular and Scalable Solutions

Process Automation Panels

This is the the full factory automation panel. Ready to connect and entire facility and automate end-to-end? Process Automation Panels have:

  • The latest 21st century technology programmed into its system
  • All smart devices are networked on ethernet for connectivity
  • Advanced/Process programming code capabilities
  • Modern safety systems available can be flexibly programmed

Coordinate Process Panels to Fully Automate Product Delivery

Process Automation panels are not just standalone systems – they are meant to join other systems, or grow and expand on itself with new code/programming. Eka Automation offer process automation systems that are modular and scalable, meaning they can connect to other existing systems, or new systems that may come in demand as business grows.

Process Automation panels can be spread out by placing the main PLC panel near the point of operation, and then running ethernet over to another process panel or remote IO Advanced Automation panel. With this modular functionality, the remote IO panel will wire to the local sensors, rather than having to run conduit/wiring for every field sensor all the way back to the main PLC panel location. Saving electrical installation costs using this type of distributed system will reduce your return on investment time.

A New Era in Full Line Automation is here!

With modular and scalable abilities, this equipment is great for high-tech, fast moving, and valuable machines or factory processes such as oil refineries or a machine that stamps out pills in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. With Process Automation, downtime can be minimized using high end diagnostics and remote connectivity. You can add, subtract, and build onto Process Automation panels with more networked sensors, panels, and systems. With Process Automation from Eka Automation, there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve!

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