Smart Services


It values long-term lifecycle partnerships and is dedicated to minimizing downtimes, reducing operational costs, ensuring staff safety, and increasing availability and productivity. Our global service team’s vast range of electrics and automation service solutions is designed to support every operational phase in steel production. These solutions encompass service contracts, consulting and software and hardware engineering, maintenance activities management, and migration and upgrade strategies.


Annual electrics and automation service contracts provide access to fast and competent support. Metals producers can tap into our comprehensive knowledge of automation systems, software architecture, and metallurgical processes. Local  Technologies engineers are often involved in the project phase of major investments. They are well qualified to provide technical support at short notice once the installed solutions are up and running.

Modules of a service contract

  • Dependable service on demand: Contractually guaranteed availability of experts and fast response times, highest levels of security for your production via remote connection
  • Service on working days: Direct access to experts during Primetals Technologies office hours, enabling seamless production on working days using cutting-edge digital technologies
  • Service credits: Purchase a set number of working hours as credits and spend them on your electrics and automation services needs
  • System adaptations and modifications: Production is subject to incremental upgrades (included in your service contract) and continuous minor changes and modifications to help to keep your system performing at its best
  • Condition check for your automation system: Keep your plant automation in “good shape“ and get an early indication of potential weak points.
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