Increased functionality, flexibility, and diagnostics with Standard Automation Panels.

High-Quality Standard Automation Panels

Standard Automation panels are ready to adapt to any situation that requires operator setup, operational awareness, and basic diagnostics. It is a very versatile package that can run all kinds of machines and factory processes. At Eka Automation, we have state-of-the-art standard automation panels at extremely attractive prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Greater Features

Standard panels from Eka Automation have a color/touch graphical display for any kind of function or setting to be shown and/or programmed onto the display. A fully featured demonstration (shown immediately to the right) views all functionality available with this level of automation. Standard Automation not only has all of the benefits of Basic Automation and PLC abilities, but it also can control more motors, valves, and sensors. And to extend its functionality beyond just the basics, it includes Ethernet/IP technology to allow for connecting to the greater network for remote troubleshooting, data collection, reprogramming, and more. Shop above to get started

Advanced Technology

Standard Automation has a lot of out-of-the-box diagnostics displays on the graphics terminal that allow a faster understanding of what problem has occured with the system. These panels come in the newer industry standard 24VDC. The VFDs are networked using Modbus, which allows for dynamic motor control and monitoring. The PLC and HMI are networked using Ethernet/IP through an unmanaged network switch. A programming port is also included on the panel enclosure for fast access to connecting a programming laptop without opening the panel. While Standard Automation is designed for more of a standalone application, it can be connected to a larger ethernet network, either to the business systems to store data or to other machines or processes on the same network. These panels come equipped with a hardwired safety circuit that protects personnel and machinery in those unforeseen circumstances.

If you’re looking for an even simpler panel, take a look at our Basic Automation panels. For even greater functionality and options, consider one of our Advanced Automation panels.

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