The Simple and Scalable Panel Design

The VFD Panel with Room to Grow

This is the one-design fits all VFD panel. Say good-bye to restricted functionality, minimal capabilities, or limited number of VFDs. Our VFD Panels have:

  • The latest 21st century VFD technology
  • Three VFD models to choose from
  • All smart devices are networked on Ethernet/IP or Modbus for connectivity
  • Advanced programming code capabilities
  • Modern Safe-Torque Off safety system is embedded and can be flexibly programmed (Powerflex 520 series)


All You Need to Know about a VFD Panel

VDF, an abbreviation of Variable Frequency Drive, is essential for every
production facility. The continual operation of VFDs maintains a plant’s output. If it fails, a chain reaction effectively halts the whole industry. Manufacturing plants are known for their harsh working conditions, including grime, wetness, and corrosion. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) can be enclosed in shielding covers, but they still need safety from the elements and a complete enclosure for all connected equipment. This is why buying a fully designed VFD Panel is important for any plant.

In General, the Variable Frequency Drive Panel, usually referred to as the VFD Panel, is used to regulate the speed of electric motors.
Pumping, drilling, and other major machine applications such as conveyors and compressors make extensive use of them.

More Functionality

A VFD Panel can have a variety of parts. Here are some instances of what you could come across:

  • VFD: It is the motor control panel’s central part. The hp, voltage, total load amps (FLA), and other parameters of the VFD within will vary.
  • Line reactors: Its purpose is to decrease harmonic distortion by 3% or 5%.
  • Harmonic filters: This is also another yet more helpful method of decreasing harmonic distortion.
  • Circuit breaker: It aims to prevent excess or short circuits in an electrical circuit.
  • Bypass: This is installed to ensure that the system continues to run even if the VFD fails.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): It is installed in case you have more complex processes or control conditions required
  • Modem: For communications from the VFD to the PLC, HMI, or other connected systems.
  • Air conditioning or other cooling equipment: They are to maintain a set temperature for the panel based on the adjoining
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